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鐵的視線提供獨特的行動, 策略及模擬. 基本前提是帥簡單 — — 摧毀敵人之前,他有機會要毀了你! 與大和多樣的武器和權力範圍的攻擊 — — ups: 尋的導彈, 火炮, 衛星支援, 群集導彈以及更多. Iron Sight features an advanced AI – enemies respond to the current situation, value possible threats and weather conditions to select the appropriate weapon and utilize available terrain for cover.

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Beginners need not worry, however, as the game offers suitable difficulty settings for both rookies and battle-hardened veterans. The campaigns take you through many different environments, from war-torn wastelands and frozen wastes to green grassland, all littered with the remains of a shattered civilization. Two separate single-player campaigns and multiplayer over Internet or hot-seat ensures hour-upon-hour of gameplay.

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