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Onavo Count for Android is a free app helps you better understand, budget and analyse your mobile data usage. With sleek and simple reports, real time alerts, and usage rankings, you can gain good insights into how you use your data.


You vs. Everyone — Compare your mobile data usage for each app with that of fellow app users.

Data Plan Visualization — See a breakdown of your data usage and where you stand in your current data cycle. Changing visuals will alert you as you approach your data cap.

Andriod Count

Cycle Reports — View your historical data usage per day, week, or month. Understand usage even further with app list indicating data usage per-app.

App Guide — See the top 20 trending apps based on actual usage versus downloads . Check if top apps can fit into your data plan.

Extend Integration — Know how much you are saving with Onavo Extend right from the app screen.

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Onavo Count for iPhone/iOS

Onavo Count for iOS is the first and only iPhone app that lets you know how much mobile data is consumed by each app you use. Until Onavo Count, you have had to guess the data usage of your apps. Without understanding how much data is consumed by your online activities, its difficult to calculate mobile data usage. Onavo Count’s unique insights are finally going to help  you understand which apps and mobile activities are impacting your  data usage.

Onavo for iPhone/iPad will work on the following devices: iPhone 3G – iPhone 5S
Onavo Count(iPhone)
30 day overview of app’s data usage.
App profiles with weekly data usage tracking
Ranking of apps by data usage
Battery friendness
Seamless integration with Onavo Extend


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